Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baseball Theme Card Challenge

  In our little friendly challenge Lindsey decided that we should do a baseball theme card. She was pretty specific as to what it should include.. baseball, bat, and team colors. I easily chose the Cardinals, since that is the team some men in my family love! Not to mention they have a bat on the logo, so that took card of two items she called for. ;-)  For the balls I just punched a bunch of 1 1/4 inch circles and drew on the stitches. Since it doesn't have a sentiment on the front I'll probably use it as a Father's day card for my hubby or father-in-law. Here is what I came up with...

  I thought it turned out pretty good, considering how long I struggled with the layout. I just kept moving the balls around until I thought it looked good. I was originally going to just do a ball shaped card, but someone else beat me to it. Oh well. Next challenge is a graduation theme card and I need to get started.

Thanks for droppin' by!

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